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Step 2 - Pinning
Things to look for:

Slimy stuff under the log:  This is caused by water laying between the plate and the log.  It is ok, it will not hurt anything.  You can wipe or
scrape it off if you like.

Green spots on the surface of the log:  This is a green mold which usually forms on the log in a commercial growing environment.  If you see this
scrape it off and spray a very light mixture of bleach/water all over the log.  Green mold forms because of too much humidity, so you may want
to cut back on the watering a little.
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Step 1 - Initial Soaking
In order to stimulate the log into production mode, it must be
soaked in water.  Simulating a wet spring in the woods.  
Submerge the log in a clean bucket of water or a clean sink.  
Place something heavy on top to hold it down under the
water.  (We suggest using a new bucket or one that has
never had detergents in it.  Residue from detergents will tend
to deform new mushrooms.)
For your 1st break keep the log soaking for about 1 -2
hours or until the log has picked up 2 to 3 lbs more than
before.  Then place the log into it’s growing environment.
Place the log into the humidity tent during this period.  
About a week after the first soak you will begin to see a
small whitish star-like growth on the outside of the log.  
This is called a “pin”.  Within 14 days these pins will
continue to form into mushrooms.  
If your log is becoming too dry, you will notice the pins
only forming along the bottom of the log.  This is because
the inside moisture after soaking has begun to diminish
from the top down.
During the pinning stage you can run water over the log
as much as you want.  
Step 3 - Harvesting
From the end of the pinning stage it will take about another 7 days until you should begin picking the
mushrooms.  At this time take the log out of the tent so that mushrooms can grow big.  For picking; Wait
until the cap has almost opened flat.  When this happens pluck the mushroom off the log at the base. The
big mushrooms pictured here could be picked today or tomorrow.

Step 4 - Soaking
After the log has completed 1st break, you will need to remove any dead spongy pins or black weapy
pins off the log.  Wait a few days and let the log rest.  The submerge it in a clean bucket of water or a
clean sink.  Place something heavy on top to hold it down under the water.
Depending on how much weight was lost prior to this point you may need to soak the log for as long as it takes to get the log to a weight of
at least 5 lbs.
Try it for 12 hours, take it out and weight it, if it’s not enough then put it back in.  After you have accomplished the proper weight place the
log back into it’s growing environment to wait for the next break.  Every time you soak you will want to decrease the weight of the log.  For
example: after 1st break the log should weigh 5lbs, after 2nd break 4lbs etc...

Follow steps 1 through 4 again and again until no more pins are forming.  If the log has been properly cared for you should expect to get 2
or 3 breaks.
When the log has shrunk considerably and may even be falling apart it is probably spent.  You can throw it in your garden for recycling.

With every break the log will get smaller and smaller as all of the nutrients have been used to make mushrooms.  The number of breaks you
get completely depends on your growing conditions and the amount of mushrooms that you have picked.